Supporting Children in Care Grant Application
Summer and Fall Program Details and Cost
This program is designed to benefit not only children in foster care, but also those residing with relative caregivers. Foster and relative caregivers face increased costs and shoulder heavy responsibility due to COVID-19, given the shift to remote learning and limited access to childcare. The programming/respite opportunity identified below by the caregiver should promote youth socialization and education. Such programming activities include, but are not limited to, day camp, overnight camp, in-home child care, in-state day trips, recreational programs, online programing, etc.
COVID-19 Pandemic Related Opportunity
As mentioned above, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely limited the availability of programing to children and youth placed in relative and foster care by DCYF. During this time of social distancing, many of these children have had their social and educational opportunities curtailed by the response to COVID-19. Qualifying programs, therefore, must have meaningful social and/or educational aspects
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