Statement From NHFAPA Board Members

Statement From NHFAPA Board Members

Hello NHFAPA Members & Community,

We are contacting you today to share some updates and changes coming to NHFAPA. These changes are to ensure NHFAPA continues to provide the support and advocacy for NHFAPA community you have come to expect. Numerous NHFAPA Board Members have come together and committed to laying the groundwork for a stronger future for NHFAPA. 

The first update and change we are contacting you today about are changes to the Board of Directors. Effective immediately, this new board’s focus is to draft proposed amendments/updates to the NHFAPA bylaws and streamline processes. These changes are to be presented to the full membership in the coming months in advance of an in-person NHFAPA member meeting with the new Board of Directors. The names and positions of the new Board is listed below:

New NHFAPA Board:

·         Airial Sillanpaa – President
·         Ashley Haseltine – Vice President
·         Cindy Hetu – Treasurer
·         Deb Bradley – Director
·         Denise Christiansen – Director
·         Anna McLaughlin – Director
·         Jen Padilla – Director
·         Nadir Ali – Director
·         Stephanie Sullivan – Director

We will provide advance notice (minimum 30 days in advance) regarding the date, time, and location of the meeting with the Board and proposed changes. Our current guidelines require in-person attendance to approve any changes to our bylaws and ask you do your best to attend.

If you have any questions, please email or submit your comment form on our contact us page.

We look forward to strengthening NHFAPA and working together with the membership community.

Thank you,