Dear Foster and Adoptive Parents, Colleagues, and Allies,

During the past several weeks, the association has experienced a public relations crisis, primarily played out on social media. In brief, the Board of Directors was challenged by significant governance issues and determined immediate action was necessary.  Pursuant to the NHFAPA Bylaws, Article VI, Section 5, Special meetings of the Association shall be held as called by the President and/or as determined by the Executive Board.  An emergency meeting was called on August 31, 2018 and the Board of Directors is in the midst of finalizing some changes in its governance.

It has come to the board’s attention that an invitation for a board meeting for NHFAPA was called on Facebook scheduled for Thursday, September 6, 2018 in Manchester. Please understand this meeting was not authorized by the Board of Directors and the board will not be in attendance.  We apologize for any confusion caused by this posting and we appreciate your patience as we sort out these issues.

The board recognizes a high level of frustration experienced by some members and seeks to be open, communicative, and transparent in all its activities and decisions. We assure all of you that we will continue to communicate with the membership via email on this issue and will commit to having regular correspondence with our members and stakeholders.  As soon as this current issue is resolved, we will be holding town-hall meetings in several areas around the state.

We want to answer your questions and, most importantly, gather your ideas and feedback about how we can better support the foster and adoptive families throughout New Hampshire. These meetings are vitally important for the board as well as the membership, and we want to be sure we honor and respect everyone’s time by having a well-prepared, productive, and thoughtful discussion.

Rest assured, the Board of Directors of New Hampshire Foster and Adoptive Parent Association is committed to fulfilling its mission and is positioned to make a positive impact on the children and families we serve. Thank you again for your patience and understanding. Please know that we appreciate your willingness to engage in creating a strong and effective association for all.

Respectfully yours,

  • Deb Bradley, NHFAPA President
  • Denise Christiansen, Treasurer
  • Larry Pilla, Board Member-at-Large
  • JD Bartkovich, Board Member-at-Large
  • Bobbie Gaudette, Executive Director