Executive Director’s Report

TO:                         Board of Directors

FROM:                  Mariellen J. MacKay, Executive Director

Date:                     January 16, 2020


Airial Sillanpaa, Ashley Hazeltine, Joseph E. Ribsam, Jr and I met with Larry Wiley and Chris Baker, Wendy’s Corporate Officers and Ryan Kinahan and others at the WMUR Offices.  We discussed the ongoing collaboration between FAPA, DCYF, WMUR and Wendy’s Corporation.  It was determined at the end of the meeting that this connection would continue with myself continuing to update Larry and Chris about FAPA’s operational progress.  The connection to Larry and Chris remains intact and ongoing.

The Association held its election on November 20, 2019 where it updated its Bylaws and elected a new Board of Directors. 

I attended the DCYF Resource Workers Roundup in November and updated the workers on FAPA and asked what the workers needed from FAPA to support them in their efforts.  Collaboration, Support and Connection were the biggest requests.  I have been asked to attend again at their meetings beginning in about March.  The group needed to pull back and re-design itself and has been going through changes and growth at this time.

I attended the Adoption Day Event put on by DCYF and I spoke to the families present about FAPA and our positive steps forward and the new “Windows by Wendy’s” program that we would be implementing because of the generosity of the Wendy’s Corporation.  I also introduced the Governor.

I attended the DCYF – FAPA Conference and spoke about the goals of FAPA and the collaborative efforts between FAPA, DCYF and Wendy’s.  I also commented on FAPA’s desire to help and support all foster and adoptive parents within NH and to please reach out to us.  I also mentioned the new Board members and their proactive approach to supporting foster and adoptive families.

I have worked with Joe Cormier of Mainstay; they are the website hosts for FAPA.org. I have learned how to edit the pages and added the new Board members.  The Bylaws have been updated and the grant application process has now been digitized so that the applications can be completed and submitted directly to me online.

I have straightened out the Verizon Cell phone so that it is now in the name of the Organization with myself, Airial and Cyndi listed as Administrators who can access the account.  FAPA has a new, working cell phone. 

I will be meeting with Becca Antoine, Job Developer at My Turn, Inc. on Thursday, January 30, 2020 to discuss employment opportunities for foster youth aging out of the system.

I am meeting with Ellen Schaefer, Grant Writer, on Friday, January 31, 2020 to discuss how she can support us through obtaining grants to support our association.

Joseph E. Ribsam, Jr DCYF Director and Paul Parisi, NH Fire Marshall have agreed to come to speak with the Board and to speak at a meeting/training for all foster parents.  Wendy’s corporate officers, Larry Wiley and Chris Baker have also been invited to attend all trainings.

I have begun the FAPA and DCYF meetings again also.  There are new fire inspection forms that are scheduled to be brought up in front of JLCAR at their March meeting for authorization.  The Fire Marshall, his office and DCYF came together to re-design this form.  The Federal Families First Act requires that DCYF adopt model foster care rules which include vaccinations.  NH DCYF used the actual federal language.  All states must comply with the Federal Families First Act by 2021 in order to continue to receive federal IV-E dollars.  DCYF will work with FAPA to provide a liaison from them to attend board meetings when requested or as the board determines that should happen.  We will continue to meet on a monthly basis to begin to develop a process of collaboration and connection.  The DCYF and FAPA collaboration is of the utmost importance and developing connectedness within the two separate entities is vital to each entity’s success.  While both collaborate and connect, they are each separate and have agreed that at times they will need to agree to disagree.

Each board member has received the Financial Interest Form, RSA 15-A, to complete and have filed with the Secretary of State’s Office.  Copies of these forms are requested to be sent to the FAPA ED.

Airial, Sharon and I met to start to discuss next steps for the association.  Strategic planning, committees, newsletter, organizational day to day structure for the ED, development of a grant tied to safety updates for foster homes.

A new project that Airial and I have been working on is the Windows by Wendy’s project.  There are windows currently on order for a prospective foster home.  When they arrive, the window will get the Wendy’s Cameo Decal and after installation there will be a photo opportunity.  DCYF Director, Joseph Ribsam, Jr, NH FAPA President, Airial Sillanpaa, I and Wendy’s Corporate Officers, Larry Wiley and Christopher Baker will be present.  Ryan Kinahan, WMUR, the Fire Marshall, Fire Chief, City Mayor and the Governor’s Office will all be notified and given the invitation to attend also.  All Board members are invited to attend.  Details will be forthcoming.

A Board Training on Roles and Responsibilities is in the process of being scheduled and will be facilitated by the Charitable Trust Division.