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Grocery letter for foster/relative caregivers:

DCYF has collaborated with the NH Grocers Association to provide a much needed opportunity and resource to our foster and relative caregivers.  Some foster and relative caregivers caring for many children have struggled purchasing enough essential items at the grocery store in order to provide for the children in their care.  To assist, DCYF can provide a letter foster and relative caregivers so they can purchase quantities in excess of the limits that grocery stores have imposed in recent weeks. 

This is voluntarily being offered by the majority of grocery stores in the state.  If a store indicates that they are unable to accommodate the increased limits, we ask that foster/relative caregivers remain understanding and possibly choose a different grocery store.

If a foster or relative caregiver is having this difficulty, they can reach out to their DCYF caseworker or resource worker to be provided a personalized letter.

The first time they use the letter, they should arrive when the store is not particularly busy and ask to speak with the manager on duty to review the letter and assure that the grocery store will honor the request.

Joseph E. Ribsam Jr.
Division for Children, Youth, and Families
NH Department of Health and Human Services