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An Introduction to NHFAPA

The mission of the New Hampshire Foster & Adoptive Parent Association is to support foster and adoptive parents, and remain a consistent strong voice on behalf of all children.  The state NH Foster and Adoptive Parent Association

(NH FAPA) supports twelve local support groups across the state.  Each support group works collaboratively with their DCYF District Office.  Local associations meet regularly to connect foster and adoptive parents with peers who are experiencing the unique successes and challenges facing the parents in our community.  Many local associations also sponsor frequent family activities, fundraisers, and other special events.  These opportunities allow our youth in care to connect with other children, and offer parents a chance to network with other foster and adoptive parents.

NH FAPA meets quarterly.  This meeting allows the leaders of local associations to come together with DCYF staff, child placing agencies, community agencies, other foster and adoptive parents, and other leaders across the state to share information and collaborate ideas to enhance the services provided to our youth in care and the families who are caring for these children.

To attend a General NH FAPA meeting, please click “Contact Us.”
To attend a local association meeting, please contact the FAPA leader in your area.  FAPA leader information can be found at the Association Contact Info page, under “Contact Us.”

All Licensed Foster and Adoptive Parents are invited and welcome to attend NH FAPA meetings, as well as local association meetings!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Big thanks to Wendy's for their support!

Big thanks to Wendy’s for their support!