An Introduction to NHFAPA

The mission of the New Hampshire Foster & Adoptive Parent Association is to support foster families, adoptive parents and children, and kinship caregivers. NHFAPA seeks to remain a consistent strong voice on behalf of all children across the state of New Hampshire.

In addition, NHFAPA works collaboratively with DCYF District Offices, Area Agencies and community leaders.  NHFAPA connects foster and adoptive parents with others who are experiencing the unique successes and challenges faced by parents in our community.  Our organization sponsors activities, fundraisers, and other special events. We are currently introducing a 3-tiered membership system that will welcome foster and adoptive families, relative caregivers, child advocacy professionals, and corporate citizens.

NH FAPA meets a minimum of six times annually.  Meetings allow our board to steer the organization and to share information. In addition, NHFAPA collaborates ideas that enhances the services provided to our youth in care and the families who are caring for these children.

It is our pleasure to partner with individuals and businesses who seek to support the child welfare community. NHFAPA is a 501c3.

To attend a General NH FAPA meeting, or learn how you can support the children of New Hampshire, please email