Board Meetings: Agendas, Minutes, ED Reports

Board Meetings: Agendas, Minutes, ED Reports

Minutes are posted after being reviewed and approved at the next monthly meeting.

An agenda with no minutes may indicate either that the meeting was cancelled or that the Secretary failed to provide a report.

ED Report 8-14-18

Agenda 09-11-18

Request for $7,500: Flat Rock Camping Event submitted by Jerome Mimms

Agenda 07-10-18

Minutes 07-10-18

ED Report 7-10-18

Agenda 06-12-18

ED Report 6-12-18

Agenda 05-08-18

Minutes May 2018

Agenda 04-10-18

Minutes April 2018

ED Report 4-10-18

Agenda 03-20-18

ED Report 3-20-18

Agenda 02-13-18

Minutes February 2018

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Agenda 12-27-17

Agenda 9-12-17